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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Good Morning

What a beautiful day to be alive! I was greeted this morning by a lazy sunrise and the warm smell of earth after rain, followed by honeysuckle as I turned a corner, and later magnolia blossoms (my favorite) from the old tree down the street. Olive and I were so distracted by tiny animals on our morning walk - a red-headed woodpecker, a mockingbird mimicking the noise of Olive's new toy that she was playing with last night, robins, cardinals, grackles, one very rotund squirrel, and 3 well-fed neighborhood cats. We came home with dew and rain on our feet, and neither of us wanted to go back inside. More often these days, I'm blessed to be able to experience the glory of these fleeting moments with time and consciousness that seem to linger.

Sometimes, when I catch myself completely in a moment like this, I express gratitude for the immense beauty that surrounds me and the fact that I’m alive. I tend to personally believe that we’re spiritual beings having a physical experience – little bits of collective consciousness that have manifested for the blink of an eye in individual physical form, and sometimes I get sad that after I leave this physical world I won’t be able to experience the immense beauty that touches all senses we have here.

And then, just now, I consider that this morning’s walk brought me so much joy because the stillness of the morning and my freshly-awoken perspective allowed me to connect for a moment with all the plants and animals around me, forming a larger bit of consciousness – one ever so slightly closer to enlightenment. At this point I realize that perhaps the joy I experienced comes from that connection.